Shadowbane: A Forgotten Realms Novel (The Shadowbane Series)

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The last thing she remembers is seeing her friends die Now it's her turn This scar on my arm is the mark of the thin man's sword These on my chest, the barbarian's gyrspike The city of Luskan has always been a den of pirates, thieves, and murderers. But lately, things have gotten much worse. A ship crashes offshore with nothing but corpses Rumors are swirling around the dark corners of Westgate that a brutal vigilanteis dealing violence and havoc in the guise of Shadowbane Erik Scott de Bie.

And the ebook stores such as Amazon. Independent writers get a better deal on royalties, but again, ebook sellers and publishers are still working out equitable price structures. It is not necessary to purchase an e-reader. Kindle has apps that allow you to download to your computer. Not everyone likes reading on a monitor, but it is an option. Also, many libraries will loan reading devices, which gives another option to those who cannot afford an ereader.

Technology is forcing change. Big box stores offer a distribution channel for bestsellers, but midlist books will adapt or die. WotC is adapting. I wish them, and Erik, all the best on this venture. Elsenrail Seeker Poland 72 Posts.

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An e-book only??? I really wanted to buy this book, but now I will have to skip it. Erik, do you know why WotC decided to publish it only in this format? Dennis Great Reader Posts.

Shadowbane: Eye of Justice

He can have both. I perfectly understand Sage's case. Personally though, I only buy e-books when I'm dying to read the novels immediately. I'm in Asia, so US-released books take about months before they reach us, with very few exceptions. When the hardbound my preferred format arrive, I buy them too, and reread every single page. Patience is my weakest virtue, that's why. Every beginning has an end. I suppose there are many others who would like to buy a paperback, but they were deprived of the possibility to do it. WotC losses some money that way.

I want to find reason backing the publisher's decision, but I can't find any. Reading on a laptop is not for me or Kindle device. I really relax when I have a paperback in my hands. I suppose that depends upon whether you place value upon the book as an object or the story as an experience. It would also depend upon your criteria for "price gouging. That simply doesn't work. Here's why. The person who wrote that post purchases books at a used bookstore at half price.

A lot of people get a cut of a book's cover price, but the largest percentage goes to the retailer. But that bookseller's decision does not lower the cost of producing the book. Nor does the buyer's decision to sell the book after reading it. It takes just as long to write a novel that will be printed electronically as one that's published as a paperbook. Ebooks need "covers" just as paper books do.

Editing, copyediting, proofreading, and formatting require as much work. My experience with my first independently published ebook suggests that formatting is even MORE work intensive, since you need to adjust for the various e-formats. In short, many of the expenses associated with producing a paperback are still in place for ebooks. For a hardback book, the breakout of costs, according to the January 12, , issue of U.

People often ask, who makes the bigger profit--the author or the publisher? With retailers taking the lion's portion, with rising costs, flat or fallen profit margins, and with other media ventures making significantly larger profits, publishers, just like other businesses, are looking for ways to cut costs and bump up profit margins. But surely, you say, publishers make good money? Granted, these figures are from and today's breakdown might be different. Insisting that an ebook should be priced at a small fraction of the cost of a paperback is simply not realistic.

I do think, however, that ebook prices can and should be lower. I've said before that I'm a big fan of less-than-a-latte pricing. For an independently published author, this isn't a bad price. Sure, you have to sell a lot of books to cover the cost of editing and cover art--out of pocket expenses for indy authors-- but since Amazon. Certainly, if the sales numbers are high enough, but what about for niche markets, such as the Forgotten Realms?

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I just don't have the data needed to form an intelligent opinion. My gut says the ebooks should be less expensive--certainly the reprints, which have no additional costs associated with ebook release. But for new ebooks, whether they're direct-to-ebooks or ebook editions that compete with paperback releases? I really don't know. Edited by - ElaineCunningham on 17 Aug Same here, Elsenrail. I love books. Walking into a library makes me understand what a party of adventurers must feel when they enter a dragon's hoard room.

And I was very, very resistent to the idea of ebooks. I never picked up an e-reader until December I got a Nook for Christmas and I find that reading it is a lot easier on the eyes than print. For one thing, I can adjust the font size. For another, the length of the printed line fits in my peripheral vision, so I can read whole lines and skim whole paragraphs at a glance. I really like the Nook, much more than I expected to. Time is short, so I'll be bowing out of this thread.

I understand the reticence to embrace new technology, but I also hate to see people missing a good story. Good luck with your new book, Erik. Thanks for your input Elaine as always! I received a Kobo eReader as a birthday present. I hated it and returned it after trying to read an old favourite and being frustrated with the eReader experience.

A Forgotten Realms Novel

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Shadowbane: Eye of Justice de Erik Scott De Bie en Gandhi

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