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The problem is, bottled dressings can be so … meh. How much better to make your own at home! Yes, this dressing does look good and sounds good BUT when I made this to exact measurements, I let it sit in the fridge before tasting it and all I could taste was a strong vinegar taste.

I had to make a quick change since I was taking this to a potluck. I took out half of the mix and replaced it with more mayonnaise and a little milk, then it tasted much better. Glad you figured out a way to make it work for you. I found the same thing I added mayo, sour cream, sugar and in the end I still had to add baking soda.

I would redo this with half the white wine vinegar. This was the first time ever making a homemade salad dressing and I must say this one is delicious. Made this last night and it was delicious!

SW Chicken Chopped Salad

Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Leave this field empty. Cuisine American, Healthy, Italian. Prep Time 15 minutes. They have never liked store bought. I had full-fat Greek yogurt. What a delight, it went down a treat with the girls — and me, but my husband has declared it better than his own home made mayonnaise!! I finally have my family excited about eating salad. I would love to use this as a dip for vegetables as well. Any suggestions as to how to thicken it up for that purpose?

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You could increase the yogurt if you feel like you need it thicker and adjust other ingredients to taste. I like it as it even with vegetables! So yeah I love this thanks for sharing! Kate, so delicious! Had the recipe waiting to be made in my file box and finally made it today.

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Will continue to us this dressing recipe! Hi Kate, I was a bit disorganised for Christmas and was looking for a recipe on Christmas morning using the ingredients I had on hand. I thought this would be perfect as it would go well with cold Christmas ham as well as salad we are in New Zealand so we have everything cold for a summer Christmas. This recipe is delicious and so easy to make! I will definitely be making it again.

I have also used your vege chilli recipes which are great. Thanks and keep up the good work! Could not find link. Need calorie amount for one tablespoon. And do you know how many weight watcher points for one tablespoon? I would also love to know the weight watcher points for this dressing. It is delicious. I love it! BeeFree Honey made with apples , maple syrup, coconut or other sugar?

I made this Sunshine Dressing today I had to use Gludens spicy mustard and powdered garlic but it was really good! I have cooked a lot of the recipes on this site, and they are all outstanding, but this dressing was SO GOOD that I felt like I needed to leave a comment. Salads, chickpeas, Buddha bowls, roasted sweet potatoes, etc.

Thanks Kate!! I made it to put on Chicken Apple Salad and I loved it!!! I sent it to my unhealthy eating son, and my best cooking friend. I always have a favorite dressing since Greek Yogurt is my staple food.

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I used Meyer Lemon juice. My husband and I needed to loose weight which means lots of salads. We both like salad but they can be tasteless and blah without the correct dressing. I found this recipe and we really like it. We now look forward to eating our salads; tastes wonderful with fruit. I am going to experiment with chicken and pork recipes in future. I may also try half yogurt, half mayo next time. I usually make a big batch every week. Sometimes I change it up and use balsamic vinegar, which is delicious especially with maple syrup.

This sounds heavenly! Was just wondering if you have a suggestion instead of the lemon juice? Citric acid is a no no for my hubby and I know he would love this! I am going to make this often. I can see where it would be wonderful on everything! Instead of honey, I used about 5 drops of liquid stevia. Thank you so much for such a fantastic recipe. I love the idea of this on a potato salad, Colleen! Let me know what you do when you try it.

I appreciate the review. I made this dressing for a lunch salad today, and not only did my non-salad-fan third grade daughter eat it, she picked up her plate and drank the leftover dressing when she was done!! I made it with our homemade goat milk yogurt. Thank you Kate I have been looking for healthy recipes for my mom and me to make and your recipes are not only healthy but very delicious!

Thank you so very much for sharing these recipes we really appreciate and enjoy them! God bless you Kate! Hello Kathryne Taylor, It was the first time I read your post and come to know about a wonderful recipe by mustard and honey. This is so amazing.

Thanks for sharing…. Oh man this dressing is good! My partner ate it with gusto and was very happy when I told him the recipe made enough dressing for a few more salads throughout the week. This is a bright, flavorful dressing.

Lemon Garlic Salad Dressing

I am going to use it on the wild rice and arugula salad…. I am positive it will compliment the tart cherries in the recipe. Kate, this looks delicious! I absolutely hate most of the store bought dressings, but enjoy restaurant dressings. Summer salads with blueberries pair very well with honey mustard dressing! I do not know why, I just know the flavours are great together. Hi Cookie and Kate!

I have friends that are Moroccan who make this, but yours is so much healthier, therefore better. Thank you so much for sharing this. That is so good! Your recipe has just the right balance of ingredients to create a fantastic taste. I was looking for a healthy alternative to supermarket dressings…both commercial and high end. This beats them all.

I had all the ingredients on hand and within 5 minutes easily had it all mixed up. I love this dressing. Leftover baked chicken breasts cut into bite size pieces, halfed red grapes, chopped onions, toasted pine nuts, and the sunshine dressing. Best chicken salad EVER!! Thanks so much for this recipe. This was a really good dressing.

Kumquat Salad Dressing

Everything came together nicely. I also used a garlic infused olive oil and then eliminated the garlic. I almost never make a recipe exactly to the instructions, but this one I did, and boy is it good! Thanks for sharing. This is incredibly delicious and makes a boring, healthy salad absolutely incredible! Tastes way more decadent than it is.

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Took it to a work potluck and everyone raved about it. Hi ho, Kate. Your Sunshine Salad Dressing is superb, really a knock-out, as nearly all of your fans agree.

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In case there are others who might like to thin this dressing out a little maybe cutting the mustardy boldness just a tad, and making it all go further for unexpected company — and besides, some salads just prefer a thinner dressing , it works well if you add 2 or 3 tablespoons of white grape juice to the recipe, which I otherwise follow to a tee.

Thank you so much. I will be a frequent re-visitor. This is a terrific slimmed down recipe. Honey mustard is my favorite dressing, and at normally 5 pts per 2 T on Weight Watchers it just makes since to not have it. However, I ran across your recipe and thought I would try it. I used non-fat yogurt along with only 3 T honey and followed the recipe exactly as written. It turned out really nicely. I calculated on the Weigh Watchers app that 1 T with my changes is only 1 pt! Whereas, 1 T would be 2.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! This was sooooo good! Made tonight for a dinner salad. I used almond milk plain yogurt since I have lactose intolerance. Everyone loved it!

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