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The team found all nine of the medieval individuals from the pit who were analysed were male, but only three hailed from western Europe.

Basque Trilogy (Basque #) by Mickie B. Ashling

Four of the remains were genetically very similar to modern-day Lebanese people, suggesting the men came from the area. The other two men were found to have a mix of European and near east ancestry, suggesting they might have been the offspring of earlier crusaders or other Europeans who travelled to the area to trade and settle.

Further work helped to shed light on the ancestry of these two men, with one probably having a parent from what is now Lebanon and another from somewhere in Europe. The researchers say the results suggest either the dead from both sides of a battle were buried in the same grave, or that people from the area took up arms to fight with the European soldiers.

WWI nurse Bess Crawford is asked to carry out a mission on behalf of the crown—to find a man, Lawrence Minton, a broken and angry former officer who has abandoned his responsibilities at the Peace conference. Nearly suicidal, Minton is haunted by something even worse than the war, itself—and it will take all of her energy, and faith, to uncover it.

In the new iteration, Block has narrowed the painting selection to American artists. Sandford has a legitimate claim for being the most purely and reliably entertaining writer in the crime world today, both with his Lucas Davenport series and the spinoff Virgil Flowers books, of which Bloody Genius is the latest barnburner.

The new case takes manhunter Flowers to a local college campus where two departments are locked in a bloody, escalating feud. The cloistered, intense environment is rendered perfectly and Sandford displays his usual wit and razor-sharp prose. Constable Twitten begins an investigation that leads him to a seedy nightclub, which his partner Seargent Brunswich must infiltrate in disguise much to his delight.

The investigation, though, would be much easier if their other partner, Inspector Steine, were not so distracted with getting his own wax statue made. But the snags are part of the fun in this delightful, beachside caper. Gerritsen, creator of the beloved and perennially bestselling Rizzoli and Isles mysteries, takes her first crack at gothic suspense with The Shape of Night, a chilling story about a woman who travels to the Maine coast surely either the Mecca or Medina of gothic fiction and finds herself in a house with a troubled history.

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Gerritsen is a masterful plotter and her talents honed in decades of crime fiction translate perfectly to the new form, with a slow, satisfying drip of secrets and revelations. This murder mystery cum ghost story has a perfect set-up—in late , as WWI rages on, an armaments manufacturer arranges a seance to contact his sons, both dead at the front. Attending the seaside ceremony are several spiritualists who are not what they seem including a spy sent to hunt down fifth columnists , and when a storm hits the island and someone dies, this historically grounded gothic tale becomes a locked room mystery sure to please fans of traditional mystery and historical fiction alike.

This is vintage Grisham, with one conspiracy folding over another and all the outrages and moral compromises of the legal system exposed. Cassava Republic is one of the coolest indie international presses around, and I read all their releases religiously. Michael Crichton and Daniel H. Wilson, The Andromeda Evolution Harper. When she begins to delve into her past, however, she discovers the mansion once housed a cult-like group from whom she was rescued as a baby.

The Big Book series never fails to deliver on its promise. This latest weighs in at a whopping pages, chock full of stories of murder and intrigue in that most noir of locales: Hollywood. Collected by Otto Penzler and featuring work from crime fiction icons like Hammett and Christie, but also some unexpected gems from writers like Somerset Maugham, the Reel Murders book will provide you with days and days of good reading, as well as a tour through the history of mystery.

Alan Furst started out writing perfectly plotted and darkly atmospheric espionage novels set during the lead up to World War II; his novels have taken us ever closer to, then into the midst, of war, and his latest, set during , melds his trademark research and behind-the-scenes settings for a tale of occupied Paris, where French resistance fighters work desperately against their Nazi occupiers, even as a far larger number of their compatriots are collaborating with their new masters. Kanon specializes in the long after-effects of World War II and the darkest days of the Cold War, and in his latest, Kanon takes us on a revenge mission that will become far more complicated than either pursuer or pursued could have envisioned.

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The nephew goes on the trail, assisted by a German reporter and an Israeli agent, only to discover a society where Nazis thrive in the open, and where the CIA may have its own agenda when it comes to the pursuit of long-delayed justice. In this chilling thriller, Arkady Renko, a Moscow-based investigator, is worried about the long absence of his girlfriend, Tatiana Petrovna, a journalist famous for deep-cover assignments that require her to seemingly-vanish. But when she does not return, Renko knows in his heart that something has gone wrong, and starts tracking her down.

He discovers that she has been working on a piece about a young wealthy man named Mikhail Kuznetsov, a dissenter poised to take on Putin and end decades of political corruption. Now, barely has time to find Tatiana, and bring them both back in from the cold. The novel is set on the tiny island of Lark, which is home to a secluded and very religious society with its own buried history of paganism. Manu Joseph has written a political thriller with comic undertones perfect for our times.

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Against a backdrop of rising Hindu nationalism, an apartment complex collapses in Mumbai. The single survivor warns of a coming terrorist attack, while two teenage suspects roam the streets under surveillance. Allen Eskens has distinguished himself with his quiet, thoughtful thrillers that harken back to the s era literature of morality, and his new book promises to be his most subtly unsettling yet. NVK is the first in a new series that sets out to merge the gothic, the erotic, and the thriller. Set in an alternative Shanghai, the novel follows a Chinese businessman named Zhang Guo Xing who meets a Western woman named Naemi Vieno Kuusela, who seems to be too alluring to be real.

But as they fall in love, he begins to learn that she is not what she seems—and may not even be precisely human. This domestic thriller lands the same week as Thanksgiving, so while I want to recommend this to everyone, I especially want to recommend it to folks getting antsy over the holiday weekend. When Nora Holliday starts cheating on her alcoholic husband with a married man, it sets in motion a series of events culminating in…. Priscilla Messing has spent many years working as a caregiver for her challenging mother when she is called to Rome, to keep an eye on her rebellious teenage niece Hannah.

But as she becomes enveloped by this youthful, hedonistic world, longing to repress her traumas with pleasure, she begins an unwise flirtation with a teenager, and feels herself petering on the brink of self-destruction.

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In a city off its rocker, Spenser will rely on his usual New England sang-froid to keep a clear head. Perfect for fans of historicals, Sherlockian pastiche, and the intersection of politics and mystery. Fitzduff,Mari Christine. Gernika Gogoratuz, Gernika-Lumo. Community Conflict Skills'.

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A handbook for anti-sectarian work. Academics Brandeis Home. Mari Christine Fitzduff Professor. Degrees New University of Ulster, Ph. University of Ulster, M. University College Dublin, B. Expertise Peace Processes. Neuroscience and Conflict. Profile Mari Fitzduff brings more than 25 years of experience in coexistence policy development, practice and research to the program. From to , she served as chief executive of the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council, which was at the forefront in developing governmental policies and local community programs to tackle many decades of violent conflict.

The center was based at the University of Ulster, where she was chair of conflict studies. She is frequently tapped by governments and international organizations as an international expert on issues of conflict and diversity. Her current interest is in Conflict and Neuroscience and she has published an Introduction to Neuroscience and Peacebuilding for the conflict and peacebuilding field. Her current interests and research are in Cross Cultural Neuroscience, and Neuroscience and Followership.

Her latest edited book, published February is called 'Why irrational Politics Appeal - understanding the Allure of Trump. Scholarship Fitzduff, Mari Christine. Tel Aviv:, Fitzduff, Mari Christine.

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