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But as he enjoyed the early days of Scottish dancing and feasting, he also seems to have been eating and drinking Burns up, as he would Chaucer or Shakespeare, surviving on such happy ingestions which would make his short life as a poet a little less hard to digest:. Souls of poets dead and gone, What Elysium have ye known, Happy field or mossy cavern, Choicer than the Mermaid Tavern?

Or are fruits of Paradise Sweeter than those dainty pies Of venison? O generous food! Great shadow, hide Thy face—I sin against thy native skies. In the end, the young Romantic comes out of it looking both brave and foolish like a clumsy lover, a bit disoriented and with a partial sense of belonging but overall confident, like his Scottish model, that we can praise and revive the living dead without losing their tracks, perverting their honour or desecrating their verse. B urke Tim ed. D e L ancey F erguson J. F orman Maurice Buxton ed. R ollins Hyder Edward ed.

S tillinger J. Rollins ed. Keats to T. Burke ed. Stillinger ed. We will be expecting you at least 30 minutes before the start of your guided tour, at the valley station of the Hallstatt funicular. Age restrictions: We look forward to welcoming children ages 4 and up here at the Salt Mine. Please note that children younger than this may not enter the mine.

Thank you for your cooperation. Two free kennels are, however, available. Wheelchairs: We regret to say that the tunnels inside the mine are not suitable for wheelchairs. The Route: The Salzberg funicular will bring you quickly and easily up to the high valley outside Hallstatt. Here, you can use the new Panorama Lift to reach the scenic bridge in a matter of moments. Once at the top, you will need to walk gently uphill for another 15 minutes until you come to the entrance building for Hallstatt Salt Mine. Once you are inside the mine, you will walk for about 2 kilometers through the tunnels - which means, you should be comfortable on your feet.

Finally, a mine train will bring you back out into the daylight. What else you should know: For safety reasons, the mine may not be entered unless you are part of a guided tour. Of course there are situations where what to do is obvious because one of the possibilities is utterly bad. But sometimes - sometimes there's no such thing as a right choice. The Ask and the Answ What would you choose if you had the faith of someone you love in your hands? The Ask and the Answer is supposed to be a children's book. Yes, for sure it is. I mean, that seems crystal clear , huh?

The main characters are young, aren't they? But still.

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Is it enough to tell? Because this book?! It actually made me think more than most of those I've read for years. And I read a lot. The Ask and the Answer gives rise to ethical reflection and disturbs us. What is it that makes you a good person? Is there a boundary line? Where is it, I'm asking, where is it? Is it what you do?

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What you think? What you allow others to do? That's the thing. They unnerstand way more than a sheep would. I really did, from the beginning. Then, I never liked a lot this Mistress Coyle either. But these choices our characters must face? They're difficult. I only wanted for Todd and Viola to be safe. To be together. To be happy. Yes, I can be idealist that way. And maybe it makes me a coward, maybe it makes me weak, but - There was a moment I was just thinking one damn thing : "Run!

Of course life isn't so simple. And of course the story would be over, and way less interesting. I may be a romantic but not that dumb. I know that. I'm just saying I thought about it. Fortunately for us, readers who want to be moved but oh my god that's so harsh - Fortunately for us, Todd and Viola are amazing characters and oh so more stronger than me. I'll let you know something : This book is a gem, a real one, but that was painful.

Scratch that : It just broke in this one. All over again. I sure can't say that I agreed with all the choices he made. It'd be far from the true - some of his actions are really unforgivable view spoiler [one word : hide spoiler ]. But, you know, Patrick Ness is such a genius - yes, because I know that the talent or the lack of of a writer plays a large part in our feelings towards the characters - that even if I hated Todd sometimes, I couldn't help but love him.

Something fierce. Whatever it takes. That's the whole point, huh? You could think that this sentence, "Love is stronger than anything" is a pious platitude. You'd be right. I mean, we all know how this sentence is often used in romance novels to, you know, try to hide the lack of plot? And yet you'd be so wrong. This book is not a romance. So then? Where does it lead us?

To a wonderful book about choices. The choices we make and why we make them and how can we be sure that we're right? We just can't. Let it be known that I will forever be destroyed by this quote. But of course it can't be her - But at least there's someone. At least there's someone. Because what are we hoping but for someone to speak up?

I want to be that person, and even if I'm not gonna lie, it scares me to death, I sure hope I would be, because what's the point of life if we can witness atrocities and just stand there? I am in awe of Patrick Ness. His books are brilliant, and I'm already looking forward to reading the next. Because of course there's a cliffhanger. Perhaps it's for the best that my obsessional perfectionism can't influence everything. Perhaps sometimes, beautiful sentences and neat organization would be nothing else but a lie. For more of my reviews, please visit View all 14 comments. It's 4.

Anyway, this book was so much better than the first one! I think that's because we get to know not really, though mayor Prentiss. He's one of the best villains EVER. Also, I ship Todd and Viola so much. View 2 comments. Jul 17, Helen 2. Objectively, this whole series so far has been fabulously written. Really, really skilled author. Objectively, the book deserves five stars. I'm only human, and subjectively I wanted to rip this book apart and then burn the shreds because it both makes me furious and scares me to death. To make things worse, the main characters are children thrust Objectively, this whole series so far has been fabulously written.

To make things worse, the main characters are children thrust into and twisted by a cruel world, driven to horrible acts by horrible circumstances. Through Ness' unique writing style, the reader can follow along right in Todd's head, and it all feels a little to close and real for comfort. This series really shook me, and I think I need a little time before I can finish the last installment. View all 11 comments.

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Pissed does not even begin to cover what I feel right now. All of that brilliance, now lost to the cyberspace void forever. Original and disturbing, Ness is not afraid to take some risks as he tells the story of Todd Hewitt, a boy about to become a man in Prentisstown--a town inhabited only by men. As we read, we find out that Todd lives on a colony planet so distant from Earth that it takes decades to get there. Upon arrival, the first colonists went to war with the indigenous inhabitants, the Spackle. In a desperate effort to defeat the invaders, the Spackle release a germ that kills all of the women.

The men survive, but with a strange side-effect: they can hear each other's internal monologue. At least this is the story Todd was always told, but when he discovers a real girl in the swamp Todd is forced to flee for his life and learns that everything he thought was true is a lie. Todd and Viola, whose uneasy truce forged a devoted friendship, are separated when Mayor Prentiss the antagonist from the first novel names himself President, quarantines the women from the men, and establishes martial law in New Prentisstown.

As Mayor Prentiss exerts his power, a female rebel force known as the Answer rises against him, and Viola finds herself swept up by their cause.

Meanwhile, Todd is forced to do President Prentiss's bidding in order to keep Viola safe. He's put in charge of managing the enslaved Spackle workforce being used to build the New Prentisstown envisioned by the President. What is so fascinating about the novel is how Ness explores the brainwashing and mind games employed by each side as they use Viola and Todd as expendable pawns in their quest for victory.

Viola struggles with the terroristic tactics used by the Answer against innocent civilians in the name of their cause, while Todd is forced to face his shame in killing a Spackle in the first novel as he witnesses the dehumanizing treatment of the thinking and feeling alien race. As Viola and Todd try to navigate the labyrinthine truths, loyalties, and beliefs that are relics from a war that occurred before either of them were born, they begin to question themselves and their trust in each other.

There are no easy answers and Ness forces readers to think through the complex issues of war, justifiable violence, and racism. Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder These books are large Pages but the good news is that they feel like pages instead. And have to make. I discovered lately that I really love darker reads just because they are more realistic, the real world is not sunshine and flowers!

It was slower paced, darker and more twisted. I won't lie, I am really disappointed in and exhausted by this novel. The book raises various issues of I won't lie, I am really disappointed in and exhausted by this novel.

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The book raises various issues of genocide, war ethics, torture, and holding onto one's identity under pressure. All issues are interesting, but I find myself surprisingly uninterested in them, mainly because in this book I am strangely detached from Todd and Viola. In these tough circumstances they are nothing more than naive petulant children used as pawns in various evil plans.

They are described as so strongly attached that they are willing to do almost anything for one another and yet they are so easily led to mistrust each other. This mistrust constantly gets them and people around them in trouble, it's painful to read. I think pretty much in this book you simply can't find even one likable person. Todd is the one I dislike the most at this point. No matter how hard the author tries to make us believe that Todd still holds on to his innocence and thus is better than everybody else, it's pretty hard to swallow when you know what Todd has done for no good reason other than his dear girlfriend left him.

In addition, there are the same plot holes as in the first book. I still don't understand the "specialness" of Todd, there is still a lot of build-up and allusions to various secrets that end up being not that interesting or important. I have to give Ness some credit for skillfully creating an atmosphere of urgency in his books and showing that nobody is truly innocent in war, but unfortunately, this just isn't enough for me. Gray shades are great in theory, but I would like to see some clearer morality in my books, especially in the books written for young adults.

I find that at this point the only side I would want to succeed in the story is Spackle. Not sure if Ness meant it this way though Reading challenge: 1 - N. View all 34 comments. One taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain. View all 6 comments. Ugh, I just can't do it.

This book is contrived and ridiculous. I was put off by the first chapter, but continued to read for another 50 pages before I finally chucked it. Enough is enough. I had already ignored my instincts by picking this book up in the first place. Having read and been let down by book one, I was hoping that Ness would redeem himself. But alas, no such luck. Not only has Ness Ugh, I just can't do it. Not only has Ness failed to create likable characters, he has massacred any redeeming quality in Todd or Viola in order to create a plot for his series. He should have left well enough alone, and ended this story in The Knife of Letting Go.

I detest authors who rely on character idiocy to move their plot forward almost as much as I loath this book. If you aren't looking for any type of rhyme or reason, just itching for someone to get beat or killed, then by all means, read on, otherwise, read at your own peril. View all 62 comments. What makes you so special? In that first chapter, I was just so proud of you Todd.

But seriously, where to start? I thought the last book was good. This one is better. Like, sell your aunt and your soul to the devil kind of good. It's just so full of stuff. First off, despite my many attempts, I could never guess what would happen. When I gave up trying and just went with it, it was still like running into a brick wall with your eyes closed. You knew it was somewhere but you didn't know where. The characters were even better than before. Not only do we get to hear from Viola's point of view who is better than I could've hoped for but all the characters are well developed and waaaay too realistic.

I also developed some weird emotions for Davy Prentiss- seriously, right from the start. I just wanted to hug him though he was such an ass. But most of all, Todd. Sweet Todd. You scared me Todd. I got wrinkles from you Todd. I'm sort of speechless. And still, after everything I miss Manchee. Angharrad was sweet but if anything it made me miss Manchee even more. Manchee would've stopped this from happening. He was a bloody good dog. View all 9 comments. Patrick Ness's writing is a thing of magic.

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He aptly portrayed the horrors of civil war on both sides, and how war has no clear "good guy" and "bad guy". The psychological aspect of this book is intense, being in the minds of both Viola and Todd as they try to pave a path for themselves in the hell that surronds them is both riveting and humbling. Oct 21, Whitney Atkinson rated it liked it Shelves: audiobook , read-in , unhauled. This series is just turning out to be rather "meh" for me, and that's totally not a bad thing, I just can't describe it better. It's not bad. I really have no problems with the characters or writing or plot, but at the same time, it isn't the absolutely coolest and best thing i've read.

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It's fast and unique and the writing is cool, but I don't necessarily find myself connected to the story or the people. It's fun to read when you're doing it, but I wouldn't consider this series one of my favorit This series is just turning out to be rather "meh" for me, and that's totally not a bad thing, I just can't describe it better.

It's fun to read when you're doing it, but I wouldn't consider this series one of my favorites. It's very hard to describe my feelings for this book because right now i'm just feelin meh about it. And now i'm in the mood to grab something more exciting lol. I am not going to write a real review for this one, because if it continues in the same vain, I will have to repeat myself when I finish the third and last book in the series. I am just frustrated Usually, when I read dystopian YA of substance, I am full of emotions which propel me to inspiration, and I have no problems putting them down in a review.

Usually most of those feelings are positive. And just as always, I try to balance my personal feelings with objective overview of the qualities of writing, plot, storytelling and so on But sometimes, like right now, my emotions let me down and my objectivity starts failing I feel like with the exception of couple of books, in the last couple of weeks I have fallen into a well of depression, dispair, and unlikable characters, and there is no one to throw me a line to drag myself out of it I am becoming convinced that there is a wave of writers who have decided that having a great style and flawless control of their craft, they are going to use it to depress their readers.

The do that by barraging them with slightly veiled truths of historical and contemporary human mistakes and failures, putting them in made up worlds, dressing them up as fables, and condensing them into powerful concentrates, serving them usually as trilogies, every one of them chipping away at our faith in humanity All are good but also bad, all are apathetic, all are easily thrown out of balance, and everything goes as long as survival is guaranteed, to hell with higher values, dignity and beliefs! Those are the first victims of the battle for survival Once again an obviously talented author is putting his talent to work at convincing us that personal feelings of love, selfish desire to be with the one you love no matter how many people would be sacrificed for it, come before the lives of others.

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As long as you get what you want, the world can burn I wonder, is that what those authors see when they look into the world around them? Do their work give the readers a justification for their sense of entitlement? Or is it an attempt at a cautionary tale gone wrong? I am not sure anymore, and honestly, I am to tired of negativity with no true promise of redemption to care.

I am so saddened that we had to witness the complete deconstruction and degradation of couple of promising characters Weaknesses, gullibility, stupidity, willing complicity, enslavement, greed, strive for power Kill less you get killed, never leave an enemy alive or they will come back to haunt you Never mind that the label of "enemy" could be put on anyone who happens to disagree with you I get it!

We are all horrible people and we do bad things despite wanting to be good, although obviously we have no idea what being good means! I hear it loud and clear! You guys have pounded it over and over into our brains. What do YOU want us to come away with after reading your work. What is the point? It is not entertaining, so we can say we spend some fun times with the book, it is not "enjoyable", since there is not an ounce of joy in the whole series, at least not for now.

Should we feel good for coming out of it disillusioned and depressed, angry and frustrated??? If that is the goal, congratulations! You have succeeded! Has it become impossible to write something dystopian but still convey a sense of honor and a spark of hope? I know that is not true and this is why I reach for the next book in the series. Because I have hope that there will be some light in the end of the tunnel and a gifted storyteller like Mr. Ness will not waste his and our time with books aimed at bringing us down. Reality does a good enough job at doing just that, and this is why we look for inspiration and emotional guidance in books I am disappointed with this book, but I am invested enough to want to read the finale.

I hope it is as good as all those great reviews make it out to be! Recommended to Isamlq by: paolo ramirez mwah-mwah, tina, aaron vincent. I imagine Viola, reluctant healer, the worst in fact, bumbling around; Todd working, slaving away. This book is a such a visceral experience. And it's more. Not stills; I have a movie playing in my head. I can almost catch a whiff I imagine Viola, reluctant healer, the worst in fact, bumbling around; Todd working, slaving away. I can almost catch a whiff of smoke after all those bombs go off.

But I am not imagining how upset I am at the turn of events. I really do choke up a bit at where the two end up. No sophomore slump here. As Todd would say, it is effing amazing and I didn't really say effing either.

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Stockholm Syndrome, anyone? The Mayor has the upper hand and a stronger mind than anyone. I feel sorry for Tod and Viola for the most part, and the telepathy angle is growing a bit more interesting, but it's really the descent into evil that captures most of my imagination. As it should, I'm sure.

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